Why we chose door by door petition signature gathering strategy?

Parents Alliance of Ontario has decided to carry out a door by door signature gathering in specific electoral districts to raise our petition against the current proposed change in Sex Education. We are doing this for the following reasons.

  • There have been many online petitions, public venue petitions, open gathering petitions as well as many petitions raised by various religious communities. There is no need for us to repeat such activities and further take away your precious time and energy. There have been, however, plenty of skeptical voices intentionally casting doubts on the accuracy, validity and neutrality of the data and opinion reflected in such outcomes. Consequently they have been largely ignored.
  • In addition, these petition activities have not been able to shake the foundation of our political leaders: their district voters, as the efforts tend to be spread too thin and they do not have a broad reach.
  • We have targeted specific communities for door-by-door signature gathering from people who do oppose the new curriculum. These signatures will generate pressure for the corresponding Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) to act on their behalf – as the signatures would reflect the will of their constituents.
  • Our WeChat group is now more than 1000 strong. A team of two volunteers can gather around 20 signatures in each outing. We should be able to garner 10,000 signatures each time. This is something we can achieve.
  • The areas we have chosen are all key electoral districts that have been carefully selected. Once we made a breakthrough, this can cause a chain effect inside the Authorities.

Parents – let us unite together and focus on the right strategy. Please support us, and join the ranks of our volunteers.

Petition forms can be downloaded here.