London - Info Session about the new Sex-Ed Curriculum


WHAT: Invitation to TVDSB Public Input regarding the 2015 Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum
WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015, 7:00pm
WHERE: Thames Valley District School Board, 1250 Dundas Street, London, ON, N6A 5L1
WHO: Parents Alliance of Ontario (London Branch) will present parents’ concerns about the 2015 Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum
WHY: According to American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: parents should respond to the needs and curiosity level of their individual child, offering no more or less sexual information than their child is asking for and is able to understand. It is ethically wrong and psychologically invasive to burden young children prematurely with unsolicited explicit sexual information.

The new Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum is too graphic, age-inappropriate and denies parents as the primary educator. It promotes sexual knowledge, sexual pleasure and sexual freedom to young children; The HIV/AIDS teaching are misleading and dangerous; The sex teaching detaches sex from love, commitment, responsibility, marriage, faith, moral values and social consequence; Young children are groomed towards sexual exploitation and promiscuity which only result in more STDs, HIV/AIDS, pregnancies, cancer and self-destruction.

GOAL: 1) Hope this presentation will draw more people’s awareness;
2) Hope the elected school board and trustees will speak up and protect young children;
3) Hope the implementation of the sex-d curriculum will be halted, and meaningful provincial-wide consultation and revisions are conducted;
4) Hope parents won't give up and will continue the fight to protect their children;
5) Hope for better education and better future for Canadian children.
CONTACT: Email: Parents Alliance of Ontario <>
Flyer: Invitation to TVDSB Public InputInvitationSept8-2015.pdf