Who is undermining ...

August 11, 2015

Dear Premier Wynne,

Good day!

PAO(Parents Alliance of Ontario), London Chapter has been quite visible in the past six months in organizing events to have the new sex-ed put on hold for a meaningful parent consultation to take place. PAO became known to lots of parents here in London area as a result. All the questions asked by those parents came to the one in the end: "What's going to happen to our children in Sept if. the new sex-ed is marching right into our school's classrooms?"

It just so happened that one of the parents who is a PAO supporter happened to be a dad who made a decision with his wife that their children will be home-schooled. He introduced Mr. Paul Faris, the president of HSLDA to PAO, London chapter, and the London chapter committee then decided to offer an info session on home schooling to the London parents to give them the much needed info on other options parents have when choosing for their children's education.

Since it's not a secret that Mr. McNaughton thinks that it's should be parents' decision as when their children are ready for sex-ed, and the fact that his wife is from a home of 10 children who were home-schooled, PAO naturally thought that his presence at the info session will be appreciated by parents who have been struggling and frustrated that their voices of objection to the government's new sex-ed have fallen to deaf ears, and that parents have been banning their heads on the wall in vain.

We applaud the truthfulness of MPP McNaughton, his courage to stand up for what the Ontario parents want and deserve, his willingness to bring our voice to the government, and him overall as a very sensitive and caring person.

PAO, therefore, doesn't agree the word "undermining" you used referring MPP McNaughton's attendance.

Why wasn't it called undermining the public funded school system when your new sex-ed already resulted in hundreds, if not thousands, of the school children having already been transferred to private schools all over the Ontario starting this September?

Why the question stilled not asked that what drove those parents to looking for other alternatives for their children's education in the wake of your newly released sex-ed?

Your ignorance of 34,762 students' boycott school on the first day of May 4 week is what truly undermined public funded school system if you were to ask parents and tax payers.

Your ignorance of 185,000 petitions of Ontario parents is what has been undermining the credit of your government who has lost its voter's trust.

You spent $1.8 millions to push for the sex-ed regardless the countless protests, and that is a direct betrayal of thousands and thousands of parents and grandparents, therefore undermined Ontario's future.

You, Premier of Ontario, with all the possible resources and power given by voters, instead of lending a hand to parents' desperate effort in ensuring their child's education, you boldly attacked the honourable and true servant of Ontario, MPP Monte MaNaughton instead! Shame on the government of Onatrio!

PAO's stand remains the same, we parents DO NOT want your new sex-ed for our children. It's parents' right to decided what and when regarding the sex-ed. And that parents won't give in to your sex-ed that were deemed as irresponsible and harmful to their young.


Parents Alliance of Ontario, London Chapter