500 Parents Successfully Disrupted the Brain-Washing Info Session by the Provincial Government

March 13, 2015 - 2:19pm EDT by Parents Alliance of Ontario

SCARBOROUGH, Ontario, March 13, 2015 (ParentsAlliance.ca) -- Around 500 parents against the new sex education curriculum have successfully disrupted the "brain-washing" information session organized by the provincial Liberal government.

March 12 was a day worth remembering. In less than 24 hours, Parents Alliance of Ontario (www.parentsalliance.ca), through WeChat, gathered 500 people to hold a protest outside the place where two liberal MPPs were prepared to hold an information session on a health and physical education. Media such as CTV, CP24, Fairchild TV, OMNI2, Toronto Sun, and etc. all came and made the live coverage. Our voice of "No" to the extremely controversial new sex education curriculum has been heard loud and clear. The strength of our Chinese community was made known.

The March 12 information session on the newly revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum of Ontario was held by the provincial Liberal MPPs Bas Balkissoon and Soo Wong. The whole session wasn't very well organized with the absence of TDSB trustees Shaun Chen and Mona Wong, and TCDSB trustee Michael Del Grande. Michael Del Grande made it clear that he would not be attending the session, and asked Soo Wong to remove his photo from the flyer, making it obvious that there has been a disagreement within.

The guest speakers at the meeting were Rhonda Cohen, a principal for an elementary school, and a registered nurse only. Bas Balkissoon announced in the very beginning that only five minutes of question time was allowed, and only one question among the question bullets will be picked and addressed, which made the crowds very unhappy. After rushing through the show on so called Myth and Fact on the provincial's sex education curriculum, they started focusing heavily on the rest of the Phys-ed curriculum. The audience identified their plot, and started to protest. The session wrapped up early at 8:30. But the crowd remained at the meeting place till 9:00.

Mr. Bas Balkissoo and Ms. Soo Woo had the courage to face the angry parents, but it's our hope that they will also have the courage to take our voice to the government, and together with the parents begin the discussion on revising the radical sex education curriculum.

It's disappointing that our government is still responding to the parents in a dictating and cunning way, and it's loosing our trust by the day. We simply can't leave our children in the hands of those

educators who are irresponsible, incapable to solved the problem, and who are buck-passing.

Parents Alliance of Ontario must not only pick up the responsibility that was once the educators', but also undertake the responsibility of being in our society.