180,000 petitions were submited to Assemblies of Ontario on June 1st

Since Feb 18, prior to Ontario’s new Sex-Ed was officially released, some Londoners started the petition to stop the irresponsible sex-curriculum, up till today, June 1, 180,000 signatures have been collected among which 50,000 were handwriting signatures, and the rest were signed on-line, petitioning for the delay of the implementation of the new Sex-Ed to allow public consultation. Today, parents representing multiple ethic groups attended the ceremony at the Assembly of Ontario where these petitions were presented. MPP Monte confirmed the number at the news conference.

Parent representatives for Parents Alliance of Ontario, and representatives from other regions, and other ethnic communities, along with the media personnel, witnessed this shining historical moment.

Started in London, from Feb. 18, the move to collect handwriting petitions soon spread all over Ontario, echoed by every city, and every town. It involved over a thousand of volunteers, took almost four months, and resulted in close to 190, 000 signatures.

With expectations from so many, the MPP launched the reviewing process, and let preparation on the legal work begin.

One reporter who highly praised our petitioning effort (said), parents who acted and parents who did not have all taken a stand. When faced with the impossible, only those who march on are the heroes who changed the world for the better.

Let it be known that this is only the beginning of a very long march, as long as the new curriculum isn’t been brought for consultation and revised, parents solemnly vow to fight till the end.

On June 7, thousands and thousands will gather at Queens’ Park.

Way to Go, Ontario Parents!