York Region School Trustees Questionnaires

Three York Region School Board trustees are conducting online public surveys. The purpose of these surveys is to collect feedback on the 2015 Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum, i.e. the new sex education curriculum from broader parents in the York Region. This will be a meaningful survey because now parents have access to and have read the curriculum. The results will be posted on trustee’s web site and be shared with the School Board and Government officials. The results of these surveys should provide strong evidences to prove the incompleteness and biasness of the survey conducted by Ministry of Education, which collected feedback from only 4000 school councils across the whole Ontario.

We encourage everyone who opposes this curriculum to participate in these surveys so that our voices are united and channeled through their internal system. This is an efficient to way of gathering our momentum and having our voice heard strongly in the decision-making process. All family members older than 14 year old are encouraged to participate in.

The York Region School Board also agreed to submit the survey results to the Ministry of Education. So it is important not only to the York Region, but also to the whole province as well.
School Trustee Allan Tam:
School Trustee Billy Pang

School Trustee Carol Chan

School Trustee Allan Tam will call a press meeting this Saturday 12:00-13:00 at 8360 Kennedy Rd (at Hwy 7 E), Markham ON L3R 9W4 , to promote his Questionnaire about the Sex Ed. And he will offer a chance to communicate with parents, you are welcomed to participate.