4/14 Parental Right Rally in Toronto and London, Ont.

As parents from all across Ontario outraged about the shameless new sexual health curriculum, Wynne administration responded nothing other than blame Conservative Party behind the scene (we do wish).

After several relevantly small protests like 224 Queen's Park, 312 Scarborough info session, 318 Mississauga info session, 324 Peel school board , 326 Mississauga Wynne interview... PAO joined My Child My choice, organizing the 414 Parental Right Rally at Queen's Park.

PAO booked 25 school buses to pick up parents from GTA and London area. Through the Wechat, we also encourage other parents take Sub-Way to going there.

It turned out very good, over 7000 people joined the Rally, and witnessed this epic historical moment. The moment of rise of parents.

Meanwhile in London Ontario, PAO organized about 500 participants, rally at Victoria Park.

We are proud of the diversity of participants, coming from all races, and all faith communities. We rallied for only one goal: Require Wynne administration suspend the sexual health section within the HPE curriculum.

PAO's Co-Worker Mrs. Christina Liu made the first speech on the rally. She provide the scientific researches about sex-education, the evidences suggest the sex-ed does neither help to reduce the rate of STI nor teenager pregnancy. She also argued that without moral education, the sexual ed is going to fail.

PAO's London Co-Worker Mrs. Francie Si also delivered her speech at Victoria Park, London Ontario.

It is amazing to see that parents are waking up all across Ontario. We are determined to reclaim our right and our responsibilities as the primary educators.

We thank all participant parents for your support. Parents Alliance of Ontario will keep working with all organizations, collect parents complaints about the sexual health curriculum, collect the petition signatures, keep the pressure to the authority, promoting parents right, and the moral value in the sexual health aspect.