CTV News: Why we oppose this new Sex-Ed curriculum?

John Himanen, Director of communications of PAO, is talking about why we oppose this new Sex-Ed curriculum on CTV News.

Ontario is introducing a new sex-ed curriculum and some people are not happy about it. John Himanen is with the Parents Alliance of Ontario and joined for a discussion about why he opposes the new course

Posted by CTVNewsChannel on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dr. Miriam Grossman MD talking about Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

An American psychiatrist who has spoken and written extensively on sex-ed says the Ontario Liberal government’s sex-ed curriculum is not based in science but “entrenched in ideology,” and endangers children by not clearly presenting the consequences of sexual activity.

180,000 petitions were submited to Assemblies of Ontario on June 1st

Since Feb 18, prior to Ontario’s new Sex-Ed was officially released, some Londoners started the petition to stop the irresponsible sex-curriculum, up till today, June 1, 180,000 signatures have been collected among which 50,000 were handwriting signatures, and the rest were signed on-line, petitioning for the delay of the implementation of the new Sex-Ed to allow public consultation. Today, parents representing multiple ethic groups attended the ceremony at the Assembly of Ontario where these petitions were presented. MPP Monte confirmed the number at the news conference.

4/14 Parental Right Rally in Toronto and London, Ont.

Parents Alliance of Ontario participated the organization work together with MyChildMyChoice, arranged 25 school buses to bring parents from GTA and London Area to Queen's Park in Toronto and Victoria Park in London. Around 3000 members of PAO witnessed this epic moment. The moment of rise of parents.

Premier Wynne's comments about her sex-ed curriculum

March 26, 2015 - 9:17pm EDT by Parents Alliance of Ontario

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, March 26, 2015 ( -- Kathleen Wynne's comments about her sex curri...

Yeah, you might call it Zoology Science, but no, no thank you, do not try it on our children...

In the absence of moral value, any sex-education is incomplete, and leads to depravity.