What’s In, Missing and Behind the 2015 Ontario’s Sex Education Curriculum?

Why say NO by thousands and thousands of parents who are not political, not religious and not homophobic? What’s in, missing and behind the Ontario’s new Sex-Ed Curriculum?

Any unsolicited sexual information and action for children under-age are mentally invading and sexually abusing. The new Sex-Ed Curriculum plants wrong seeds at wrong season. It promotes sexual knowledge, sexual pleasure and sexual freedom, and confuses children with six genders and variety of sexual expressions and orientations. It denies parents as the primary educator and pushed a sex education agenda as a DONE DEAL without meaningful consultation. It detaches sex from love, commitment, responsibility, marriage, faith, moral values and social consequences. Young children are groomed towards sexual exploitation and promiscuity which only result in STIs, HIV/AIDS, pregnancies, cancer and self-destruction.

The STI /HIV teaching in the curriculum mislead children that sex is safe as long as they use condom. It normalizes high risk of sexual behaviors and equalizes homosexual and heterosexual acts in the young minds. It fails to mention that anal sex greatly increases the risks of HIV infection and people could die of HIV/AIDS! And it could cause potential HIV spreads by saying “HIV treatment can reduce the amount of HIV in someone’s body to the point where it is much less likely that HIV will be transmitted”. The curriculum says that “One of the best things you can do to stop HIV is to stop the stigma that is associated with having the infection”. How in the world a school curriculum introduced by the government can be this misleading!!!

This curriculum leaves young children with the perception that it is acceptable to have sex with any “partner” of any kind as long as they get “sexual consent” and they can just “do it”. Consensual sex doesn’t make sex safe! Without clarifying the legal age for consenting and engaging in sex (especially anal sex), children under-age could become a victim or be brought into jail under the Canadian Criminal Codes.

What’s missing from the Sex-Ed Curriculum is even more worrisome. “Rape, pedophilia, child pornography and incest” are not brought up and warned as criminals. The potential threats and harmful effects posed to young children by adult sexual predators, or adults that might be interested in obtaining materials about their bodies (especially genitals) are not mentioned. It forces parents to ask whether this omission is not actually intentional, and to what extent this omission was influenced by people like the pedophile Deputy Education Minister Ben Levin?

Besides, who are the “Community Partners and Organizations” which will engage and mentor young children’s sex education inside and outside of schools? Is there any supervision system in checking the contents and age appropriateness? Who is there guarding the safety of children?

With mountains of evidence, the poison of this Sex-Ed Curriculum will be sneakily and slowly slipping into young children’s thirsty mind which will have profound impacts both on the children and parents, both at school and home, both present and future, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially in every imaginary way!

Why and how the sexual education has reached today’s madness? To understand it, we have to start with the history of sex education. Alfred Kinsey, the pioneer sexologist, studied the sexuality of “human animals” and lived a bisexual /homosexual life himself in the last century. Kinsey propagated that all children are sexual beings from birth and people are amoral and sex-driven. The modern sex education movement was built upon his premise. Rev Debra Haffner has further perfected the theory of “sexuality is the central to our humanity” and created the guidelines of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). She promoted the CSE globally to the children of the earliest ages, also “educated” the society that teen sex, any kind of sex and sex outside of marriage can be ‘moral & ethical’...

The truth is that the Christian faith and traditional moral values have been removed from the classroom and society. The concerns about the Ontario Sex-Ed is no longer simply just why teaching the 6 year- olds about their private body parts, nor why the curriculum has to be this explicit overall. It is, in a very large scale, about the war waged against the children and families by a new religion which has taken hold of the public education system. The classroom has become an arena of conflict between the old and new. It’s coming to schools of Ontario, just like many places of Canada which already have.

The Province of New Brunswick (NB) has implemented the CSE since 2005. The data from NB shows STI steadily went up over the years and teen pregnancies increased by 40 % five years after the CSE. While at the same period, Ontario teen pregnancies decreased by 7%. If the children in Ontarian are “out dated” in engaging in sexual activities and thus resulting in less teen pregnancies and STIs, it’s not a bad thing after all!

Parents, be diligent and don’t let the government, the new religion and the community partners to infect your children, and don’t let them tell you that your faith and beliefs are outdated and intolerant. More importantly, don’t allow your children’s innocence and good family values being stolen, and be replaced with sexual teachings by so called “experts” that might one day turn your children to complete strangers. Please stand together against this assault on families in Ontario and protect young children in generations to come.

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