Parent Survey for Sex Ed Curriculum

During November 2014, before the revised Sex-Ed Curriculum was released to the public, the Ministry of Education of Ontario conducted a parent survey for the to-be-released Sex-Ed curriculum. Some 4,000 hand-picked parents, one from each publicly funded elementary school, took this survey.

  • The government did not want all parents to know a new sex ed curriculum was coming out, they hand picked 4000 parents to represent 1.4 million students.
  • The government did not want the parents to know what was in the curriculum, they did the survey before they had chance to read the curriculum.
  • The government did not want people to know how false this consultation was, they did not even release the questionnaire to the public.

Now we have the questionnaire from an internal source, let's see what questions had been asked.

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The questionnaire can be download from the following link: