Letter Templates for disclosing results of consulations

In order to lobby the authorities to suspend the sex curriculum, we need to keep the pressure onto those public servants.

We provide here three letters to your MPPs, your school trustees, and Minister of Education Mrs. Liz Sandals, requiring them to provide more information about the promised "public consultations", which was promised by MOE on October 30, 2014. Please refer to Webpage of Ministry of Education

We encourage you to find out contact of your local MPPs, and School Trustees,download the 3 letters, fill in their name and your address, print them out and send via mail.

To find out who your MPP is, please check here:
1. find your electoral district here: http://fyed.elections.on.ca/fyed/en/form_page_en.jsp
2. look up the district and find your MPP here: http://ontla.on.ca/web/members/members_current.do?locale=en

To find out who your School Trustee is, please check here:

For York Region

Then click the specific elementary or secondary school, you can then find the trustee (showing right beside the school profile)

2. for Toronto School Board