May 14th Car Rally

May 14 Car Rally

Say NO to Irresponsible Sex-Ed Car Rally!

Organizer:Parents Alliance of Ontario
When: Saturday, May 14 @10:00am
Route: From Holy Virgin and Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral (455 Ferrier St, Markham, ON) via DVP, Bloor St., Yonge St., to 2900 Steeles Ave. E.

Oct. 1 Empty Schools Campaign

Oct. 1 Empty Schools Campaign

Dear All Parents and Grand Parents,

We, therefore, are calling on all the parents of Ontario to please echo Thorncliffe parents’ strike effort by leading an Ontario-wide one-day strike on October 1.

Two ten-thousand-people scale demonstrations, 185,000 petitions officially being handed to the government, numerous car-flag parades, protests at the provincial council’s door steps, proposals that pleads with the regional educational board, meetings and effort at the federal level, letters to Ontario’s premier and her minister of education, Waterloo Region’s plea to Ontario’s Minister of Education to perform signature petition proposal… with all those effort and more, however, we have been slapped with the same answer over and over again: the new sex curriculum is unstoppably moving into Ontario schools. The calls for making it a public debate by the Regional Union falls into deaf ears as well, not surprisingly.

Bus for June 7 Sit-In and March

We've arranged school bus to facilitate the transportation for June 7th Sit-In and March.

Please make a reservation with the following links according to your location.

Fare table:
Adult: $6 for round trip
Kid and Senior: Free

1. Have some TTC token ready as the backup plan
2. Try to carpool, in order to reduce parking impact