Oct. 1 Empty Schools Campaign

Oct. 1 Empty Schools Campaign

Dear All Parents and Grand Parents,

Our nightmare began to unfold, without any warning, when the Liberal government of Ontario launched a new version of sex education curriculum back in Feb, which has no doubt brought us all to a historical crossroad like never before. Parents do believe that their children need sex education, but not a curriculum that is force upon their children, a curriculum that not only exposes their children to harms, but more importantly, it imposes certain group of people’s sex philosophy onto the children without the young learners’ awareness, leaving our children working with the wrong information, and leads them to unspeakable damages and harmful ways.

Two ten-thousand-people scale demonstrations, 185,000 petitions officially being handed to the government, numerous car-flag parades, protests at the provincial council’s door steps, proposals that pleads with the regional educational board, meetings and effort at the federal level, letters to Ontario’s premier and her minister of education, Waterloo Region’s plea to Ontario’s Minister of Education to perform signature petition proposal… with all those effort and more, however, we have been slapped with the same answer over and over again: the new sex curriculum is unstoppably moving into Ontario schools. The calls for making it a public debate by the Regional Union falls into deaf ears as well, not surprisingly.

Letter to the school: NoSchool-Letter-10.1.pdf

On one hand, we parents exhausted every possible means of effort, but on the other, our Liberal provincial government has stepped up its effort on campaigns pushing its sex curriculum, spending millions of our tax dollars brainwashing its citizens regardless how much we parents have protested or petitioned. Our rights have been openly treaded on!

But our efforts are not totally in vain, now more and more parents have become aware of the harmful curriculum, and inside the government, voices of disapprovals of the curriculum has seen increasing. Our persistence will eventually break that seemingly impregnable fortress!

What’s very encouraging is that since September, the parents of the premier’s hometown riding Thorncliffe, have been actively and steadily responding to the call of the Ontario Union League, and therefore have been on strikes! Over half of the children haven’t stepped into their home schools since! Thorncliffe parents’ braveness and loud action may well be the one thing that is slowing knocking open the very door of true dialogue between the government of Ontario and its deserving citizens.

We, therefore, are calling on all the parents of Ontario to please echo Thorncliffe parents’ strike effort by leading an Ontario-wide one-day strike on October 1.

This strike is never against any school or any teacher, but against an irresponsible sex education curriculum, and the sad fact that the government just doesn’t hear.

This strike is to afford children an innocent childhood, to defend the rights of parents as their children’s first educators, to fight for the dignity of traditional family values, and to preserve the true value of Canadian multiculturalism!

To assist parents with their participation in the Ontario-wide strike on October 1, the following private schools have kindly offered their service free of charge. But parents do need to call or send texted messages in advance. Please indicate the student's name and age when doing so.

Letter to the school: NoSchool-Letter-10.1.pdf

Free daycare is kindly provided by the following private schools on Oct. 1:

  • Extraordinary Education Center
  • Hours: 8:30 am~6:30pm.
    Contact: Ms. Ye at 416-499-1888
    Address: 462 McNicoll Ave. North York, Ontario M2H 2E1

  • Kim Potential Art Institute
  • Hours: 8:30 am~6:30pm (Complimentary Pizza lunch is provided)
    Contact: 647-987-6172
    Address: 7170 Warden Ave, Unit 1, Markham, ON L3R 8B3

  • Qilu College
  • Hours: 8:30 am~6:30pm
    Contact: Mr. Lee at 905-282-9889
    Address: 201-1550 South Gateway RD. Mississauga ON L4W 5G6

  • Inspiration Learning Centre Scarborough Campus
  • Hours: 8:30 am~6:30pm
    Contact: Grace at 416-291-8551
    Address: Unit 201,2245 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON M1T 3G8

  • Q2 Academy
  •   Hours: 8:30am~6:30pm
    Contact: Shelley Chen at 647-528-6902
    Address: 9005 Leslie Street, Unit 209, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G7 (Highway 7 & Leslie)